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Direct donations:

Goldilocks and The Bear Foundation
FNB  Seapoint # 201809
Current account # 62683857810

Other donations:

  • Donate transport: a vehicle for our staff to visit the schools (e.g. a vehicle within your current fleet), fuel, or “Uber miles”
  • Donate a cell phone and airtime for our nurses to be able to arrange appointments and consult other healthcare professionals
  • Contribute towards our printing costs of the screening documents and educational material
  • Adopt-a-nurse: sponsor the monthly remuneration of a trained ADHD screening nurse
  • Provide your skills and experience – hands, heart, and time!
    • We regularly advertise new positions – please follow us on Facebook
    • Teacher and parental training: nurses, occupational therapists, teachers, psychologists needed
    • Healthcare professionals: we are in need of optometrists, audiologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, social workers, and educational psychologists to offer their hands and time for pro bono assessments
  • Other suggestions? Contact us!

Raise funds:

We are registered as a charity on Back-a-buddy (https://www.backabuddy.co.za/charity/profile/gb4adhd). Become a Goldilocks or a Bear (i.e. Champion) for GB4ADHD and host your own fundraising events, or support other already registered GB4ADHD Champions. Let us know if you want your own GB4ADHD t-shirt!