DO YOU WANT TO CO-WRITE A STORY OF HOPE? Then continue reading…

The Goldilocks and The Bear Foundation’s mission is to remove barriers to education and to create a platform in which to connect children to the right professionals to enable children to reach their full potential.

This story is A STORY OF HOPE, a journey of an 8-year-old boy, who was not meeting his academic requirements in grade 2 and who is now showing significant improvement in just a few months.  John was referred to the Goldilocks and The Bear Foundation because his mother and teacher were concerned about his academic and behavioural challenges. John was not meeting the pass requirements at school and was struggling with basic concepts, such as reading, writing, mathematics, and task completion. It was difficult for John to concentrate on his schoolwork, and he had difficulties being able to sit still and was described as “very busy” and “impulsive”. His mother also noted that John struggled to maintain social boundaries with family and friends, and had difficulties making friends. He often blurted out inappropriate comments and did not like following what he terms “silly rules”, such as wearing his uniform or being quiet in the mornings. John enjoys talking and has a special talent for music and playing the piano.

The Foundation screened John in May 2021 and after spending some time with John and reviewing all the information, he was referred to the clinic for a full Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and a visual assessment. One of our generous volunteer optometrists assessed John’s visual system and performed a visual perception evaluation. John appears to currently have a healthy visual system and does not require spectacles. However, he presents with number confusion and he will need to be assessed for possible dyslexia when he is in Grade 3.

John was assessed by the community psychiatrist, in August 2021, and he was prescribed methylphenidate to treat his ADHD symptoms. After two weeks of taking the medication, John’s mother sent us a WhatsApp, she was overwhelmed with emotion, as she could not believe that John’s overall function had improved dramatically in such a short space of time. She told us that John is acting like a different child and he now does his chores at home and makes parenting easier. He was able to complete his homework unassisted and completed a project ahead of time with little prompting.

These are just some of the statements made by John’s mother:

 “…absolutely blown awayspent the first day crying tears of joy. It [methylphenidate] took his work from hieroglyphs to actual sense…”

Doc did explain that it will still take work and willingnesshelped John’s mindset and he is dedicated to taking his “focus pill”…100% in the right direction and 100% not what I expected. He is STILL active because he’s an active boy. Still creative…even more so because he can focus his creativity productively.”

John’s mother was initially sceptical about initiating medication, but after seeing how John’s life has improved after medication, she completely changed her view.

I can see how it is helping him and that’s what matters. It would have been so unfair to leave him to struggle like this indefinitely.”

“Where I thought it would dull his character, it has in fact, enhanced it and given him confidence to shine. I now have the opportunity to feed him with data/ideas/knowledge that he can absorb, retain AND apply!”

The images below reflect the same task given to John before and after he took his medication.

John’s teacher also provided positive feedback and told John’s mother that John had managed to complete all his work in class for the first time this year and participate in the class discussions. He was able to get most of his mathematics sums correct (although number reversals were still noted).


For parents who don’t struggle with ADHD all of this is DEAD normal. But for me it’s made such a massive difference. I am so proud of this child and so grateful to you guys.”


The Goldilocks and The Bear Foundation is completely self-funded, and we rely on fundraising events to keep the organisation alive to assist children like John.

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