Kaldi’s Coffea

Kaldi’s Coffea


Chose from either 1kg beans or 250g ground coffee. The beans are roasted once order is placed to ensure the freshest coffee in your hands.

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Kaldi’s Coffea is centred around earthiness. The humble beginnings of a bean discovered by a goat herder in Ethiopia to a bean that travels the globe. A bean unequalled enjoyed in simple settings to a bean that’s enjoyed at the most elegant platforms of the world.

Kalid’s Coffea believes in the property of belonging to the earth. Our artisan roasters reveal the unique earthy character of each of Kaldi’s Coffea coffee beans and is devoted to a process to unlock the full potential of each coffee bean that we sell. The coffee range includes single origin and blended coffee from Brazil, Ethiopia, Columbia, and Rwanda, and occasionally from the highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Made from 100% arabica beans.

For every bag sold, a portion of the sales goes to assisting the Foundation.


250g ground, 1kg beans