Our services are built on a foundation of 5 pillars:  awareness, knowledge, screening, statistics and fundraising.

We raise awareness:

  • We provide information to teachers and parents about the symptoms of ADHD
  • We raise awareness through print media, radio, and social media campaigns
  • We run for ADHD

We increase knowledge:

  • We educate teachers and parents about ADHD and how to support children
  • We train healthcare professionals in the early identification, screening and intervention for ADHD

We screen for ADHD:

  • Teachers complete screening questionnaires for children displaying symptoms of possible ADHD
  • Teachers obtain consent from these children’s parents for us to evaluate the children, and the parents also complete screening questionnaires
  • Our trained staff visit the schools and evaluate these children in more depth through further interviews and questionnaires, by also also excluding other reasons for experiencing difficulties (such as tiredness, visual problems, depression, and anxiety)
  • Children with possible eye or ear problems are referred for pro bono visual and auditory evaluations
  • Children with possible learning difficulties are referred to educational psychologists (pro bono private or Department of Education)
  • Children with developmental problems are referred for pro bono occupational therapy assessments
  • Children with probable ADHD are referred to the school doctor or mental health clinics of the Department of Health for confirmation of the diagnosis and initiation of treatment
  • Children with other mental health problems (e.g. anxiety or depression) are referred to mental health clinics of the Department of Health for further treatment

We collect data:

  • No statistics with regard to the prevalence of ADHD in South African children, nor their pathways to care, are currently available
  • Collecting these data will enhance future service delivery

We raise funds:

  • We are a NPO and are dependent on sponsorships and fundraising initiatives